New look soon!

I have been sort of quiet for a reason. I have been working behind the scenes on a new website, our final website home.

I am so excited to share it with the world, as it truly represents Live Love Load.

More to come soon!

Certified and Ready?


I have completed the NRA’s Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor training and I am now “Certified”!

Many think now I am ready to teach? Nope. I could and you could attend but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m sure there would be tons of rambling and uhs, ums, and shuffling about. Maybe even nervous laughter.

Now in the journey is the embarrassing practicing. I am collecting items to display for the attendees as examples, I am living and breathing the material. I am thinking of examples I will share, I am 100% committed to delivering a quality program. Quality takes time, I don’t want to jump out there before I am able to provide quality. There are too many people out there just happy to take other’s money- if you pay for a class from me, you will feel as if you got your money’s worth.

Honestly, I am super excited- I am very passionate about promoting self-protection and awareness. It’s an excitement that is hard to contain, I can see others reacting to me when I talk about it. People light up when they are impassioned about a topic and enthusiasm is contagious. There are many I know who are eager to take classes, as I am eager to provide them. Please have patience with me. It will be worth it!

This whole starting-a-business business is WORK! There is so much behind the scenes to do, so much to consider and plan. Nothing worthwhile is easy and nothing easy is worthwhile. Yes, I am Certified, but I’m not ready…yet.

You are your own worst enemy- be your own best friend.


What are you doing with your life if you are constantly putting yourself down? Stop the negative talk and start motivating yourself. Surround yourself with motivation: people who motivate you, subscribe to positive thought feeds on Facebook or other social media. Have a goal, always…something to attain, or something to look forward to.

I challenge you to take that ‘goal’ in your mind, like the infamous, I have to lose weight and make a plan with actual actions and deadlines in the next week. Get out your paper and pen and write out what you would like to achieve and three steps on what to do to work towards that goal. Schedule on your calendar what you will do. Then DO it!  This may seem simple but I know I can get hung up on the thinking part myself.

It is self-motivating to set goals and then achieve them. You feel like you can do anything! Let me share a little story about my own life that has helped me. My kids are in scouts and we love to go camping. Ever since they were little we would go on “adventures”, even if that meant going to the store. One year I decided to take them camping at Table Rock State Park in South Carolina. I am a planner so I wanted to have a loose idea of what we would do each day so there would be no fighting about it later. We knew we wanted to hike the trails and go kayaking but the trails are not easy peasy and you have to plan that stuff out.

I learned that the hard way. The first day we camp, we set up and relax. The second day we figured we would tackle a trail, we thought we were ready. The park ranger warned us with the smirk and off we went…two hours later, down we came exhausted, hot and ready to quit. We went swimming for the rest of that day.

Day 3, we went kayaking after our tremendous failure. I rethought about the plan and realized we needed to start earlier on the trail, have more provisions, and push through more. On Day 4, we were ready again to tackle the great trail.


I loaded up each kid with water, snacks, first aid kit, hiking pole, and a can do it attitude. Mile 1, not so bad. Mile 2, this stuff is for the birds but it’s so beautiful, I don’t care. Mile 3, is this EVER going to END? Can we turn back now? I’m dying. Then you reach the end..beautiful. Well worth the work. Breath-taking. And then you get to go back downhill down the path that kicked your butt on the way up.

Table Rock Trail

Length: 3.6 miles one way
Type: Hiking
Difficulty:  Very Strenuous
Description:  The red blazed, 3.6-mile Table Rock Trail is a very rugged hike within the scenic and popular Table Rock State Park in the northwest corner of South Carolina. There are over 12 miles of trails in the park, but only the Table Rock National Recreation Trail ascends 2,000 feet to the summit of the imposing granite dome, Table Rock Mountain (3,124 feet). The hike begins at the Nature Center and ascends steeply through an open forest strewn with boulders. Along the way, you will see vegetation typical of the Southern Appalachians: dominant oak and hickory trees with scattered pines and hemlock. As you might guess, the strenuous hike offers the reward of spectacular views from the higher rock outcrops.

All the way down I kept telling myself, I just did the Table Rock trail, if I can do this, then I can do anything and no one can tell me I can’t. Look at what I just accomplished! You think that’s hard, try doing the Table Rock trail and then we’ll talk! I was pretty pleased with myself and looking back at these photos, I still feel that way.




Believe me, I was negative talking all the way up this trail, what type of idiot decides to climb 3,000 ft in elevation in 3 miles. This type of idiot. Oh my goodness, this is HARD. Not just hard but really, really hard. I’m tired, I’m hurting, I just want to quit. Can we turn back now? I have to stop so I can breathe. I see my daughter chagrin each time I stop to get my breath. She hates me, why am I doing this? If I slip and die what will my kids do? What if we see a snake on the trail, this is idiotic. We should turn back…it must be easier going back down than climbing up. Will there ever be even ground?

The one thought that kept me going when my muscle ached and I wanted to turn back for the 100th time was that I did not want to disappoint my kids. I told them we were doing this and what type of parent would I be if I didn’t finish this with them? What would that teach them about challenges in life? What would I teach them about me if I quit?

No way. We are doing this! And we did, it was one of our best trips and something we stupidly want to do again. This trip changed my self-talk, I realized the power I have when I talk more motivating to myself than negative. Of course times will be hard but look to the good of the situation and power through it. No moment in life last forever.

Love yourself, believe in yourself, no matter what is going on you can talk lovingly to yourself and stay optimistic, just find the right motivation.

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