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Hawaii could be first to put gun owners in federal database –

SC to GA and Back

GASCRep.pngWhen Tim O’Shields gets his pistol, he doesn’t mind firing off a couple of rounds at Sharpshooters Gun Range in Greenville County. He’s a concealed weapons permit holder.

“I’m familiar with my firearm and I’m familiar with the law with CWP,” O’Shields said.

He also travels with his gun and says it’s a gun owner’s responsibility to know other state gun laws.

“I always look up to make sure, you know, if I can carry my firearm or not,” he said.

And now a proposed bill could allow South Carolina CWP holders to legally cross into Georgia with their guns.

“On any neighboring states it’s good to have reciprocity,” O’Shields said.

State Senator Larry Martin, who represents the Pickens County area says those who live near the border pushed for the proposal.

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Where did the integrity in journalism go?

I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to get out into the world and write stories that would inform, enlighten, and entertain the general public. I saw journalism as a way to uncover the truth, to go beyond the feel-good propaganda and get to the meat of information, the information the general public isn’t privy to.

I was inspired by Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and all of the people in history that made sure the hidden truth of matters was broadcast to the everyday people and information didn’t stay behind closed doors.

Now, journalism is no longer about the TRUTH. It is about MONEY. It is about getting ratings, promoting the message of our sponsors, the politics of our owners & sponsors. Truth has no place in journalism anymore, it’s all about hooks and propaganda to sway public opinion to the mercy of the author.


Is this true for all journalists? I’m sure it’s not but the figureheads you see on television, what you are seeing are puppets. Puppets told what to say and how to say it- the good ones have learned the ropes and spout out propaganda quickly and effortlessly with no regard to the truth.

I’m glad I didn’t become a puppet.

It’s disgusting and it happens all the time. That is why there is advertising about the FAIR and BALANCED. The TRUTH, all these buzz words in advertising to get the general public to TRUST their news cast. Watch us because we are better than the liars over there. Guess what, I have little faith in ALL of you.

We can hold them them at the Center for Journalism Ethics

In order to truly stop them we have to become journalists ourselves, share the truth. That is the heart of journalism, not ratings and money. TRUTH.



Guns Don’t Cause Crime.. at 2016 NRA Annual Meeting — SlowFacts

Do guns cause crime? I was at this years NRA annual convention. This was the place to find out if guns cause crime. I joined 80 thousand NRA members in one building for three days. The answer is in and guns do not cause crime! Here is what I saw.. and what I did NOT […]

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Trump, NRA and 30,000 Deaths a Year

Watch out! The NY Times is all over Trump and his promises to the NRA to end the gun-free zones in schools and colleges on his first day in office.

Although he once supported a ban on assault weapons on the home front, Donald Trump has shown no hesitation in readjusting as a presidential candidate to pander to the gun industry, fervidly vowing in January to end gun-free zones in schools and on military bases on his first day in the White House. “My first day, it gets signed, okay?” he told a rally in gun-friendly Vermont. “My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones.” NY Times Article

The article goes on to say that Trump will appear at the NRA’s Annual Meeting this year. The issue I take with these news articles is the reporting of

It would be better for voters and their safety if his speech were connected to a full campaign debate over guns as a public health issue costing more than 30,000 lives a year. NY Times Article

Do you really think 30,000 deaths a year is a large number? There is the same amount of automobile deaths in a year. Let’s go to the CDC website and look at the top causes of death, shall we?


Okay let’s look at this. In 1980 all of the deaths, #10 cause was suicide (through all methods, not just gun related) and in 2014 not only were there more deaths but the suicide instances rose. There were 636,577 more deaths in 2014 than 1980 and an increase of 15,904 more suicides.


Now it’s broken down between male & females. The males are more suicide prone apparently. 20,505 Suicide deaths in 1980 and 33,113 in 2014 and increase of 12,608. Look though, homicide is on the male side during 1980 but didn’t make the list in 2014.


Then the CDC broke it down to race. Homicide is within the black statistics only but with a decrease from 1980 to 2014. Suicides are higher within the white statistics from 1980 to 2014.

I can make HUGE assumptions here and list out generalizations but I feel that it has been done before, many times over. What I want to ask is why we are talking about gun control issues when heart disease is killing so many Americans? We should make heart disease illegal, then it will stop- right?

What Do Women Want—with Firearms?


 “Was will das Weib?”  That’s how Sigmund Freud put the question “What does woman want?”  There may still be other wants mysterious to man, but the answer is growing clearer, year by year within the world of firearms, shooting sports and self-defense.

Women want what everyone needs: safety and security, love and fellowship, and self-realization.  (See What ‘Right to Feel Safe’?)  Historically, their identities have emphasized social and relational roles above self-realization, with the presumption that their safety and security came under the protection of men (and usually from other men).

Especially during the past 100 years, we’ve seen the emancipation of women from these limited expectations.  Feminism, in its best sense, has liberated women from their position as sheltered homemakers to be able to participate in any aspect of the world they choose.

How sad then that women can care about their own and their families’ safety but feel uncomfortable taking on the role of defenders themselves.   But that is changing, just as it has for Americans in general during the last quarter century, as the movement toward individual gun ownership and carrying has ballooned.

Even more deplorable, women-focused media can be the most discouraging about women becoming armed and dangerous instead of remaining defenseless against bigger, stronger, more violent, typically male attackers.  Equality for the modern progressive female is not supposed to include availing herself of The Great Equalizer.

Recent examples come from, of all places, magazines that proclaim their mission of helping women to be glamorous, independent, and relationship savvy.  They aren’t known for firearms knowledge.  These anti-gun articles all appeared around February—interesting, especially since they were all done in conjunction with some of the best-known anti-gun shops in the nation.

Cosmopolitan led off by ‘reporting’ the dangers of dating men with guns, implying that this is something like wearing a T-shirt saying “Shoot me, please!”  The worst examples, apparently, are the ‘Gunsplainers’, a male sub-species noted for adolescent, repetitive bragging about their guns and even (horrors!) people’s right to them.

‘Gunsplainers’ is a ‘word’ happily used by Everytown for Gun Safety in a new campaign at, where the fear of being shot by a boyfriend is the motivating principle.   Out-of-context (yet not irrational) quotes from NRA members are the devil’s litany.  The chief spokesmodel appears to have a nasal deformity, or maybe she’s just smelling the saltpeter.

Glamour weighs in on Guns often, with a couple of articles in December about how most mass shooters kill familymembers and proposing that laws which impede abortion on demand should apply to gun purchases.  Obviously, it’s wrong that “any non-felon can walk in off the street and buy a shotgun in minutes” as an exercise of a designated constitutional right, when medical procedures that determine the welfare of two symbiotic beings can’t be accessed via drive-in.

In its February item Glamour puts down as “completely ridiculous” the Iowa bill that “would allow children ages 14 and younger to handle a ‘pistol, rifle, or ammunition’ with parental supervision.” It’s ridiculous that such a bill should be needed.  Glamour can’t understand how “it remedies a serious affront to parents’ rights”, the right to decide how to raise our own children, including learning about shooting.  Or maybe it doesn’t grasp what parenting means.

Marie Claire magazine published a much more comprehensive set of articles about “Women and Guns”, along with a“Survey on Women and Guns in America” done with the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.  The survey at least is presented without editorial comment.

So in case you missed any of this, Moms Demand Action wants everyone to know that a Trifecta of Major Women’s Mags Feature Gun Violence.  Now that True Detective magazine is out of print, there is an obvious gap to fill in the literature covering ‘lurid fears of passive, helpless women’.

Where do we turn for some fresh air uncontaminated by sexist and hoplophobic prejudice?

  • To people who know something about guns and respect women’s capacity to be capable and self-reliant.
  • To discussion of how women can choose for themselves whether to remain dependent on diminishing societal disapproval of gun ownership or to investigate its benefits for themselves.
  • To discovering what it means to be as or even more powerful than an aggressor for the sake of herself and her loved ones.

Let’s hear from Julie Golob, “wife, mother and daughter”, one of the most accomplished Olympic and world champions in any sports ever.  She points out the one-sided sources from the anti-gun world of Marie Claire’s articles, and how real data indicates the ever-growing popularity of the NRA and of guns and shooting sports among women.  (Golob gave an interview for the series, none of which was used.)

She also nails the problem in Marie Claire’s concluding piece, The Decision.  The author, Roxane Gay, had “survived a violent assault” and tenses up when she sees a gun: “holding my breath. I don’t feel safe.” She decides she cannot accept “the responsibility of being willing to take another human life.”  That’s admirable, but Golob’s larger perspective is that the decision should be about being able to save “your life and those you care about.”

Contrast Gay’s story with Rachel Lu’s I Lived a Completely Gun-Free Life—Until Now.  Lu accurately sees the difference between “Gun America and No-Gun America” as “a matter of personal psychology.”  If you see that, then you too may be “probably just the sort of people who should own a gun.”

In his response, Marshall Lewin recalls Helen Gurley Brown’s admonition that Cosmopolitan was “in the forefront of the Women’s Liberation Movement.”  No longer.  Now it’s “faux feminism”, “condescending down-talking”, and “the usual nonsensical hash of anti-gun platitudes and propaganda passed off as ‘common sense’.”  Meanwhile, Robert Faragodetails how Cosmo’s “‘myths’ vs. ‘facts’ section” is more ‘myths vs. bigger myths’.  He provides the facts.

Even Bloomberg News can’t avoid reporting the growing American Embrace of Guns, especially among women, including among supposedly anti-gun people like gays, Jews, former lock-step liberal Democrats and, startlingly, a Buddhist.  A female shooting instructor puts it in black and white:  “Not all men are predators. . .but all women are prey. . .Good men don’t hunt women, but bad men do.”  As for the Buddhist, “you try to hurt me and you’re done.”

There are still too many snide, insulting, non-humorous jokes about how ladies always budget fashion over firearms.  But even one of these writers knows that about 20% of attendees at NRA conventions are now women and that female membership and gun sales to women keep growing.

CNN accurately reports that “more and more women are buying, learning about or getting their license to carry handguns.”  Not coincidentally, about “1 in 5 people licensed to carry are women.”  They’re better shots than men because “they have better hand-eye coordination” and “they follow instructions [and] do it consistently.”  They are also good shots because they are “females who aren’t afraid to fire.”

That CNN piece, Women with Guns Soon to Be Mainstream, is off in just one particular.  Women with guns are already mainstream!

Robert B Young, MD

— Robert B. Young, MD is a psychiatrist practicing in Pittsford, NY, an associate clinical professor at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.


Dear Fellow Citizens

I have to shout out to Mr. Marra, my American Government teacher in middle school. He had us pick a person to profile and I chose Patrick Henry. After I presented my paper to the class, he held me after class and asked me what my plans were for my career choices. He said I had a passion that should be explored more and asked if I would consider political science. I didn’t pursue that, but it still made a huge impression on me, at least Patrick Henry did.

I loved American history growing up; I read John Jakes novels and watched the dramas on television like North and South. My father is a retired Master Chief Petty Officer and I strived to understand why I grew up with an absentee father at times, why he was choosing to be gone than with us. I learned that it was always more than that and I feel honored that my father not only chose to take up the sword but held the sword for 20+ years. As a military brat, you learn to celebrate the armed forces with the goodbyes and homecomings. I still tear up watching homecoming videos…

This gun debate that has struck our nation in the last few years reeks. No matter if you choose to own a gun or learn to shoot, etc. – we have Americans willing to destroy the Constitution of the United States in order to police the population. When discussing this issue with others, I aim to always be respectful of their choices and opinions, I am usually met with emotionally driven opinions laded with propaganda.

I have spoken with quite a number of law enforcement officers about their opinions on the 2nd Amendment and the issues of Constitutional carry, open carry, etc. For the most part, law enforcement officers believe that all citizens have the right to carry as afforded them by the Constitution and it actually helps them with criminal activity.

Sheriffs across the country have been calling their citizens “the first line of defense” against crime — a call to arms that some say is a new phenomenon following terrorist attacks at home and abroad.

Sheriff David Clarke 3 get in the game
A sheriff in Wisconsin wants “as many law-abiding citizens to arm themselves in this country as we can get.” One in New York state told people who are licensed to carry a gun to “please do so.” In Florida, one sheriff said: “I can tell you the probability of needing a firearm is remote, but it’s more important to have a gun in your hand than a cop on the phone.”

On the other hand, I have also spoke to law enforcement officers that do not wish everyone to be able to carry, especially open carry. It worries them; one former sheriff even showed me the bulletproof vest he wears when he shoots at the local indoor range. My question to them remains the same, ‘what about the Constitution?’ if we dilute the 2nd Amendment, then everything is up for grabs. In South Carolina the SLED office (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) regularly testifies at the statehouse to block Constitutional or open carry in South Carolina.

The problem lies in that no one seems to know what to do about the school shootings and the children getting ahold of firearms and harming themselves or others. How do we stop the criminals if we cannot take away their guns? Guns are evil, they only kill. That’s all the propaganda I can stand to spout out at this point.

I would say the starting place for a REAL change is to learn about the Constitution of your nation. Let’s begin from a place of mutual understanding and then we can have a conversation, a real conversation. These politicians want us to fight; they want to appear to be our champions so that we will raise THEM UP. They want the jobs of representing us and we have to hold them accountable to us and to the Constitution but in order to do that, we must understand why.

Hillsdale College offers a FREE online class about the Constitution. Yes, FREE. ONLINE. And explore more with the Federalist Papers class, and the Presidency and the Constitution.

You can also get your copy of the Constitution free, just pay for shipping: “To get your free copy, please send your request and a check or money order made out to Oak Hill Publishing Company for $3.00 to cover the cost of shipping and handling to:”

Oak Hill Publishing Company Free Book Offer Box 6473 Naperville, IL 60567

Or free PDF or here

Please explore these resources for yourself, share them with friends and family, in your social media circles. Let’s get on the same page!





Offering Guns as Anti-Violence Groups’ Raffle Prizes Sends the Wrong Message


That is not particularly what got my attention. It was one of the prizes listed (a handgun) and the community group that would receive the raffle proceeds (Youth Violence Prevention Council Shasta County).

Once I investigated the group and its programs on their website (, I was even more incensed that they would agree to a fundraising raffle with a deadly weapon as a prize while conducting important programs for the young people of our county already living thru violent situations.

What message were they sending to them?

A phone message to the executive director yielded a call back from board member, Sheriff Bosenko. I expressed my concerns of the hypocritical nature of a handgun raffle prize, when this was an anti-violence organization. I pointed out that handguns have one purpose: to kill people. He countered that they are used for sport (target shooting) and self-protection.

I realized that our disagreement would not be solved, but that wasn’t the main concern—having a raffle prize, that is violent by design, earn money for an anti-violence promoting council was, to me … well … a mockery.

Shortly into the phone call, the Sheriff pointed out to me that other community groups had had similar “very successful” raffles – One Safe Place and Girls, Inc. for example. I was gobsmacked by this information and politely ended the conversation. My thought processes had ceased to be coherent but I soon realized that I had to get to the bottom of this news.

Calls and messages to the directors of the two groups brought me even more concern: Yes, the shelter for those fleeing domestic abuse had indeed had a handgun package (gun, training, conceal weapon permit) as a raffle prize last February at their fundraising crab feed.  Yes, Girls, Inc. had benefited from a similar raffle at the local sporting goods store a few years back.

Deciding to do an informal poll of local community groups, I found that AAUW and Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Council have not had raffles with gun prizes. I was told that Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, and Anderson Rotary have had gun raffles in the past.

Several groups have not answered my inquiry (NVCSS, GNRM, YMCA, SC Chemical People and Turtle Bay) but now that the conversation is started, maybe I can add their information to my data bank. The current director of Girls, Inc. said that they have turned down a facial rejuvenation raffle package in the past because of “the message that it sent to their girls.”

I propose every community organization develop written policies that clearly define what raffle items are acceptable or appropriate for their group to offer.  There needs to be a hearty debate about what is a difficult subject: fundraising at any cost. A hunting group certainly could decide that a weapon of some sort is appropriate. An anti-drug abuse council may decide the offer of a donated keg of beer as a fundraiser is not acceptable. A health-improvement council may decide that a spa day is OK for a raffle but a case of cigarettes or Vape shop gift certificate is not.  Having written guidelines seems a necessary step for every group.

Meanwhile, I plan to petition several groups directly to reconsider their previous raffle decisions and go “gun-free.” The message they send to the community, those who donate to them directly and those they serve is important. They need to realize that making money by releasing more weapons into our gun-rich region is not a proper way to fund raise.  Providing a handgun that could then be stolen, used in a felony or accidentally “mis-used” in the winner’s household causing injury or death should not be an option. Helping to facilitate such change would put my mind at ease.

Anita Brady is a lifetime Shasta County resident, and a retired high school biology teacher. She is married, and has two adult daughters who live far away. She is a third-generation union member and describes herself as an unapologetic liberal who remembers the “old days” when Shasta County had a Democratic stronghold. 

While world-travel is among her favorite pastimes, Brady is currently working on finding outlets for her progressive views including protecting women’s reproductive freedoms, promoting equal pay for women, maintaining separation of church and state, and nondiscrimination of American taxpayers based on sex, marital status, race, citizenship documentation or sexual preference.

Source: Offering Guns as Anti-Violence Groups’ Raffle Prizes Sends the Wrong Message


The message we are sending is that you have an AMERICAN right to bear arms and defend yourself. If you don’t like America, there are 195 other countries to live in- find one that doesn’t allow personal freedom and the right to bear arms. I get it, you have the right to voice your opinion, no problem…I enjoy that right too.

You are missing the point of these raffles: TO RAISE MONEY for the cause. Guns are not illegal, they are enjoyed for sport and crucial for self-defense against criminals. Criminals would be those wishing to do you personal harm for their own benefit against your will. Yes, I would gladly support Girls Inc. without a gun raffle but I would also prefer to win a gun too. Win-win, I say.

It is hard to raise money for non-profits, kudos to them for using what works. Shame on you for criticizing from your armchair and not doing the grunt work. Volunteering is a labor of love.


Get on the Bus! Stop Gun Violence trip to Charleston SC Sunday


CHARLESTON, SC– Hundreds of families devastated by gun violence, from Greenville to Myrtle Beach, will unite at Emanuel AME Church on Sunday April 24th to pray and demand lawmakers close loopholes in background checks for gun purchases.

The event’s organizers want to express outrage that the General Assembly has failed to act on any of the roughly 50 gun-related bills before them, even in the wake of the horrific massacre in June that left nine worshippers at Emanuel AME dead.

Greenville based organization Freedom Fighters Upstate SC will travel to Charleston from Greenville Sunday morning April 24th at 10:30am transporting 60 passengers free of charge via luxury coach.

Freedom Fighters group will depart from McAlister Square parking lot. The Greenville trip was arranged by group organizer Traci Fant and Melody Gaddis McFadden. If you would like more information about the bus trip please contact Traci Fant @ 864-325-3592

This event and travel is sponsored by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the South Carolina Minority Affairs Commission.

Source: Get on the Bus! Stop Gun Violence trip to Charleston SC Sunday


Free of charge on a luxury coach…a trip to Charleston. What are they doing IN THEIR COMMUNITIES to stop violence and crime? These feel good organizations need to DO more than express outrage and ride in a luxury coach across the state. Hell, I will ride a luxury coach anywhere—I’m outraged at the politicizing-attention-grabbing groups willing to further their agenda through a horrific tragedy. The Brady Campaign is ramping up with their we make common sense approach, education is needed NOW.

If you are not a member of the NRA or any other group that protects the 2nd Amendment, it is time to join and be a voice. Tell your representatives that as their constituent your views. Implore them to vote as your representative. Do not allow sensationalized groups to dictate legislation! We must stop this gun-grabbing effort.


OK’s Open Carry Permit: the 2nd Amendment

On April 20, the Oklahoma Senate voted 37-9 to pass legislation recognizing that the Second Amendment is a sufficient open carry permit.


The legislation, HB 3098, had already passed in the House by a vote of 73-15.

According to News 9, the Senate passed the bill via “a procedural move that forces the bill into conference committee” for one final look before it heads to Governor Mary Fallin (R). If changes are made to the bill while in committee, it will be brought back to the Floor for another vote.

The decision to return to committee came after some senators voiced “concerns about how police would be able to tell whether a person open carrying is a felon or is mentally competent to carry a gun.” But it is key to remember that open carry is already legal in Oklahoma–so the sight of people with handguns on their hips would not be a new one resulting from HB 3098.

The permitless open carry legislation is sponsored by Senator Nathan Dahm (R-33), who said, “I know that there are people that have concerns. We are listening to those concerns.” He added that he was “not trying to downplay those concerns, but 30 other states already have this. (They) don’t have any major incidents because of this,” News 9 reports.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at