Why Women Hate Guns, Listen Up Guys!

Why Women Hate Guns – USCCA Concealed Carry Expo Seminar by Beth Alcazar – http://wp.me/p2qqDV-Qv

Guns: Pink or No Pink?

I have always liked the color pink and I have no issue with it. I have no issues with any color. It is the gender assignment and stereotypes I have major issues with. The idea that pink represents a weaker position than blue and women are weak, whiny, high-maintenance and unable to be taken seriously.

While we do have the pink and coral shirts for men, the ‘macho’ men who have to elevate themselves above others to feel superior, wouldn’t be caught dead in a pink shirt. In the shooting world, I have found certain men take themselves super serious. The ‘operator’ types wear the 5.11 tactical clothing 24/7 and will pocket dump an arsenal that shows he is prepared for ANYTHING. 2fab8914a47894f3ebaaa039a8f1d530

I secretly love the cranberry colored guns, which I feel are different and fun. The fact I am showing Ruger guns doesn’t mean anything, they are just readily available in these colors.

I am not a flashy type but I do like to customize. I have been afraid to purchase a colored gun because if I decide I don’t like it, I’m stuck with that color. Whereas if you get a black gun you can get it cerakoted to what you want or get a gun skin.


Personally I think I love this Victory skin, especially for my Glock 17. As you can see there isn’t much pink options available unless you want camo.

I realized my hesitation about pink firearms was more about my perception of what others would think of me if I wanted a pink firearms versus the reality. I am a woman, I have choices and my choice has nothing to do with anything else other than it is what I choose. A pink Glock 17 will shoot the same as a black Glock 17. The color of a firearms just allows you to customize your tool, an opportunity for others to make money (cerakote, duracoat, and other aftermarket finishers). Gun makers are making colors available to their consumers to entice them to buy theirs over another gun makers. It is all about money. It has nothing to do with being weak, whiny, or high-maintenance.

Men who hand a woman a pink gun over the gun counter has nothing to do with the woman standing there, it says a whole lot about the man. I am writing this because I struggle with this, but have since realized no matter the color, a man is handing a gun over to me because he wants me to buy it. His attitudes about women has nothing to do with me or you, but him. Then you have to decide whether the customer service is up to par with your expectations. GRIN Believe me I have walked away!

Ladies, we are consumers. They want our money. Make your choices based on what you want and make the counter-help work for you. I do ask that you consider buying for function and reliability first and color lastly. A cute gun that isn’t reliable isn’t going to do anything for you.



A little polishing…for us.

I did not grow up in a YouTube world. Nowadays, if you wish to learn something, you can watch thousands of videos (good and bad) to learn anything you want.

When I became 15 my mother took me to Merle Norman to get my first makeup “professionally” done. I walked out of there with a couple of pounds of makeup. My face was completely pancaked and I had makeup of every pore of my face. Even my thick eyebrows had makeup in them!

I never really learned how to properly apply makeup. I started in earnest to learn a couple of years ago in my early 30s. It seemed going to get your makeup done at Merle Norman or a makeup counter was the thing to do and you’re at the mercy of that person’s interpretation of what looks good and their knowledge. I swear, I looked like an overdone performer one time when the ‘makeup artist’ put a dark shade from my lash line all the way to my eyebrows. Geesh, I couldn’t wipe that off fast enough.eyemakeup

I walked into Ulta recently and asked for help. My first question was, ‘are you knowledgeable?’ Which is ridiculous now that I think about it afterwards, of course people are not going to ‘tell’ on themselves for being less than an expert. Anyways,  I needed help determining if my skin tone is cool, warm, or neutral. I don’t know what to call a male made up like a female but not wearing female clothes other than Boy-George.

So Boy-George took a look at my wrist to see what color my veins looked. If they are blue I am cool, if they are green, I’m more neutral. Guess what, based on that I am neutral. BUT I am more of a cool neutral than anything because I have pink undertones to my skin. Boy-George said I was a Neutral Warm. Um, no. You just lost all credibility. Yes, my hair has red tones in it (I paid to put it there) but I am not a Warm in any capacity.


My lesson in all of this is not to trust the paid retail help. You may get lucky and actually find someone who knows what they are talking about because they live and breathe makeup but that hasn’t been my experience. Oh and stay away from the mannequins, if you want a more natural look, the real life mannequin dolls at the makeup counter cannot help you, they cannot even help themselves. If their face seems like a mask they are wearing, walk away. I have a hard time not staring sometimes.

Recently I have learned about-face shapes, eyebrow shapes, eye shapes, skin tones, what colors to wear, and eyeshadow application. You cannot look your best if you don’t know how to accentuate your natural beauty. Makeup is a tool to learn to use. I found this website that has great helps to start your path.


Best part is no one is trying to sell you anything. For years I thought I had a round or oval face. I am actually heart-shaped. Which is why I have had a hard time finding sunglasses that compliment my face. Now I know what to look for. No matter what age, we all want to look and feel our best. I consider this a part of Ladies Roar, anything that promotes self-awareness and self-improvement. #LadiesRoar