Dear Fellow Citizens

I have to shout out to Mr. Marra, my American Government teacher in middle school. He had us pick a person to profile and I chose Patrick Henry. After I presented my paper to the class, he held me after class and asked me what my plans were for my career choices. He said I had a passion that should be explored more and asked if I would consider political science. I didn’t pursue that, but it still made a huge impression on me, at least Patrick Henry did.

I loved American history growing up; I read John Jakes novels and watched the dramas on television like North and South. My father is a retired Master Chief Petty Officer and I strived to understand why I grew up with an absentee father at times, why he was choosing to be gone than with us. I learned that it was always more than that and I feel honored that my father not only chose to take up the sword but held the sword for 20+ years. As a military brat, you learn to celebrate the armed forces with the goodbyes and homecomings. I still tear up watching homecoming videos…

This gun debate that has struck our nation in the last few years reeks. No matter if you choose to own a gun or learn to shoot, etc. – we have Americans willing to destroy the Constitution of the United States in order to police the population. When discussing this issue with others, I aim to always be respectful of their choices and opinions, I am usually met with emotionally driven opinions laded with propaganda.

I have spoken with quite a number of law enforcement officers about their opinions on the 2nd Amendment and the issues of Constitutional carry, open carry, etc. For the most part, law enforcement officers believe that all citizens have the right to carry as afforded them by the Constitution and it actually helps them with criminal activity.

Sheriffs across the country have been calling their citizens “the first line of defense” against crime — a call to arms that some say is a new phenomenon following terrorist attacks at home and abroad.

Sheriff David Clarke 3 get in the game
A sheriff in Wisconsin wants “as many law-abiding citizens to arm themselves in this country as we can get.” One in New York state told people who are licensed to carry a gun to “please do so.” In Florida, one sheriff said: “I can tell you the probability of needing a firearm is remote, but it’s more important to have a gun in your hand than a cop on the phone.”

On the other hand, I have also spoke to law enforcement officers that do not wish everyone to be able to carry, especially open carry. It worries them; one former sheriff even showed me the bulletproof vest he wears when he shoots at the local indoor range. My question to them remains the same, ‘what about the Constitution?’ if we dilute the 2nd Amendment, then everything is up for grabs. In South Carolina the SLED office (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) regularly testifies at the statehouse to block Constitutional or open carry in South Carolina.

The problem lies in that no one seems to know what to do about the school shootings and the children getting ahold of firearms and harming themselves or others. How do we stop the criminals if we cannot take away their guns? Guns are evil, they only kill. That’s all the propaganda I can stand to spout out at this point.

I would say the starting place for a REAL change is to learn about the Constitution of your nation. Let’s begin from a place of mutual understanding and then we can have a conversation, a real conversation. These politicians want us to fight; they want to appear to be our champions so that we will raise THEM UP. They want the jobs of representing us and we have to hold them accountable to us and to the Constitution but in order to do that, we must understand why.

Hillsdale College offers a FREE online class about the Constitution. Yes, FREE. ONLINE. And explore more with the Federalist Papers class, and the Presidency and the Constitution.

You can also get your copy of the Constitution free, just pay for shipping: “To get your free copy, please send your request and a check or money order made out to Oak Hill Publishing Company for $3.00 to cover the cost of shipping and handling to:”

Oak Hill Publishing Company Free Book Offer Box 6473 Naperville, IL 60567

Or free PDF or here

Please explore these resources for yourself, share them with friends and family, in your social media circles. Let’s get on the same page!





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