I respectfully wish to control your 2nd Amendment rights.


Julianne Moore has undertaken an enormous amount of work to spread the word about gun safety across the United States after the recent increase in shootings throughout the country. The actress has teamed up with Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization that aims to prevent gun violence. In fact, it is the largest U.S. organization for gun violence prevention.

Julianne Moore launched the Everytown Creative Council in October, 2015, making herself the founding chairperson. The council also includes such high-profile stars as J.J. Abrams, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell, and Amy Schumer. The actress has repeatedly said that the council’s efforts are not an anti-gun movement or a partisan movement, but are rather focused solely on safety.

Over the recent years, Julianne Moore has paid attention to many global issues, including literacy, as well as children’s poverty. But it was the recent spike in shootings across the U.S. that made her deeply concerned, according to Variety.

In her recent interview with Variety, Julianne Moore cited the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and said it was “alarming” to imagine that something like this could have ever happened in the country.

And that’s when Julianne Moore partnered with Everytown for Gun Safety through such groups as Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The organization includes over 3 million members and calls for stricter background checks and advocated for laws that keep guns away from people with a criminal past.

Julianne Moore also said that she respects those who handle guns responsibly. Throughout her acting career, the actress has played quite a few characters that fired guns on screen. She also claimed that it’s “constitutional” and “an important thing to remember” that people must handle weapons responsibly.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/2977719/julianne-moore-argues-that-effective-gun-control-can-happen-without-getting-rid-of-guns/#fdbLDZAOw9jZIgMd.99

Celebrities can be dangerous with their charities and ‘social’ work. They are dangerous because of the populist culture we now live in. A familiar face to the general public due to their profession in the arts- someone who has made us cry, laugh, feel rage or dismay is now telling us how to think politically. I will speak to your sense of dignity, your common sense, don’t you feel the same way I do? HIGH-PROFILE STARS the article says.

Well not exactly, Julianne. Gun control is the government’s way of saying there are more criminals than they can catch so let’s limit the nation’s access to a tool criminals use. We cannot have everyone carrying guns, that wouldn’t be socially acceptable. We don’t wish to empower the American people, we need to believe they NEED us, the big government that will protect them from all evils of the world.

Julianne is quick to say she is not a hypocrite, she respects responsible gun owners. Guess what Julianne, part of being a responsible gun owner is educating others. Where is the gun education programs? Where is the funding for gun safety programs in schools across the nation? Where is the call for all Americans to be taught gun safety in EVERY HOMETOWN?

Where is the council’s focus on gun safety? I haven’t seen any gun education happening, I see legislation against the Second Amendment. I see guns being used as a political tool to get voters to vote for the one who will stand up against gun violence. Sorry, guns are not violent- the people who have EVIL INTENT are the violent ones. Guns are tools, to be used for self-defense against those who wish to do you harm (foreign & domestic), for the purpose of shooting sports, and hunting.

Do guns hate? Do guns promote intolerance? Do guns break the laws? No, criminals do. People who will use other tools to do their bidding against their intended victims. If a criminal doesn’t have access to a gun, they will use a knife, or a bomb. When does it end? The call for more gun control is a call for more law enforcement but that’s not as snazzy as a call for gun control…at least not politically.

Julianne, your approach to my common sense falls flat, I am educated and although I adore your work as an actress, I can handle my own political decisions. I would rather live in a free America, so thanks but no thanks.

Keep Shooting & Sharing, Jessica


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