Getting Real

I almost decided not to write about this because I didn’t want it to be a cliché. However, I have been inspired by multiple sources so I feel I should write. I want to write about fitness and my personal struggle with weight.

For some women I think weight issues are hereditary, as it seems all the women on my mother’s side have struggled with weight. Isn’t it horrible to feel okay about yourself because you see other women larger than you? That is the justification talking.

I loved going to the YMCA to work out. I joined and attended classes like WERQ and Dance Fitness, Kickboxing, and more. I worked out almost every day until life became hectic with my kids’ extra curricular activities and I couldn’t carve out that hour anymore. I also became a bit discouraged because I had developed my own workout plan and wasn’t getting the results I was expecting. I felt amazing and accomplished by doing something. In fact I have a photo of myself and I am radiating with feeling good after a workout and it is one of my favorite photos of myself. FB_IMG_1445134266798

Cancelling my YMCA membership was discouraging to me. I wanted to feel empowered that I could work out at home and accomplish the same good feelings, the fun of the group classes, and the visual motivation of just being IN the gym with others there for the same reason. I failed to recapture my motivation.

Motivation is a funny thing, you can WANT to do something, but you have to move past the want and actually DO something. I know all too often I struggle with that fine line.

Confession: I have an elliptical machine IN my living room collecting dust. There is no reason for me not to use it. For me, organized workouts have been at a gym, I have never developed the habit of working out at home. I want to change that. I know that being fit means staying fit and being able to workout no matter where you are. I understand that for this to be a lasting change in my life, I have to MAKE lasting change.

One of my motivating factors for change is that I want to be fit & healthy for myself. I am outdoorsy, I love to kayak, hike, camp, etc. My preference for exercise outside of a gym is to DO something. I have realized however that I must workout everyday as a part of my day to be more ready for those activities.

Awareness #1: Not being able to catch my breath when climbing hills during hiking. I feel like I am dying and others are striding up with no issues. Urgh.

Awareness #2: I feel BETTER when I workout. Losing weight isn’t necessarily the goal, the GOOD feeling is. I see that picture as I write and I want to radiate like that all the time.

Awareness #3: I want to walk into a store and pick out clothes without worrying about hiding a feature of my body. I no longer care about what size the clothing is, when I shop for clothes I am shopping for fit and whether it camouflages my tough areas. Is the t-shirt just long enough to cover? Is the pattern flattering or not? I bought a flowy top because I consider it beautiful but I have a feeling I look larger because of all the layers, I want to camouflage but I added more visual weight to myself because of it I want to stop that.

Awareness #4: I cannot wear leggings and feel good about myself. Even if I psych myself out thinking I look damn good, I know I don’t. I see other women with NO BUSINESS wearing leggings and know I fit in that category. When the 5.11 tactical yoga pants came out, my first thought was ‘yeah, right’ and I actually commented on how men would love to see women strut their stuff on the range in tight pants. Of course they would but the point is for the woman to be comfortable. I’m just not in that category. I want to be though.

Awareness #5: I am not getting any younger.

Awareness #6: Each day I don’t make a change, I am making a choice to stay the way I am. No matter my internal motivation, if I do not act nothing will change. My mindset and my daily routine needs to change if I am going to change. I quit smoking which is a huge lifestyle change, so I know I can do this.

This month is Sports & Fitness Month, see if this helps you.

It is time to ROAR. It is time to make a change and feel good again. There is no better time than NOW. There is no reason not to start today. Load up your favorite kick-ass music and let’s get to work. More to come… #LadiesRoar

If you join in on making a change, share it on social media with hashtag #LadiesRoar



What You Need To Know About Laser Sights

Considering lasers for you firearm? There are a lot of options to choose from…

Source: What You Need To Know About Laser Sights


How do you keep them safe?

How are we supposed to keep our children safe? I know I took extensive pains to teach stranger danger to my children when they were younger and we talk about what to do if all the time.

I am absolutely mortified for the children who were assaulted and I pray that they get the psychological help they will need to deal with the aftermath of these predators.

Here are some websites to help you talk to your own kids, grandkids, etc.


Screenshot 2016-04-24 10.53.33

Childhelp USA maintains a 24-hour National Child Abuse Hotline.

National Children’s Alliance has nearly 700 advocacy centers nationwide and helps with the process of reporting and recovering from abuse.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) has a free, confidential, secure service that allows victims past and present to get help via its phone and online hotlines.

Stop it Now! also offers a phone and an e-mail Helpline dedicated to sexual-abuse prevention. Its Ask Now! advice column features actual situations so people can seek guidance for their own concerns.

Darkness to Light

Screenshot 2016-04-24 10.58.10

Please talk with the children in your life today. Let’s keep them as safe as we can for as long as we can.



Offering Guns as Anti-Violence Groups’ Raffle Prizes Sends the Wrong Message


That is not particularly what got my attention. It was one of the prizes listed (a handgun) and the community group that would receive the raffle proceeds (Youth Violence Prevention Council Shasta County).

Once I investigated the group and its programs on their website (, I was even more incensed that they would agree to a fundraising raffle with a deadly weapon as a prize while conducting important programs for the young people of our county already living thru violent situations.

What message were they sending to them?

A phone message to the executive director yielded a call back from board member, Sheriff Bosenko. I expressed my concerns of the hypocritical nature of a handgun raffle prize, when this was an anti-violence organization. I pointed out that handguns have one purpose: to kill people. He countered that they are used for sport (target shooting) and self-protection.

I realized that our disagreement would not be solved, but that wasn’t the main concern—having a raffle prize, that is violent by design, earn money for an anti-violence promoting council was, to me … well … a mockery.

Shortly into the phone call, the Sheriff pointed out to me that other community groups had had similar “very successful” raffles – One Safe Place and Girls, Inc. for example. I was gobsmacked by this information and politely ended the conversation. My thought processes had ceased to be coherent but I soon realized that I had to get to the bottom of this news.

Calls and messages to the directors of the two groups brought me even more concern: Yes, the shelter for those fleeing domestic abuse had indeed had a handgun package (gun, training, conceal weapon permit) as a raffle prize last February at their fundraising crab feed.  Yes, Girls, Inc. had benefited from a similar raffle at the local sporting goods store a few years back.

Deciding to do an informal poll of local community groups, I found that AAUW and Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Council have not had raffles with gun prizes. I was told that Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, and Anderson Rotary have had gun raffles in the past.

Several groups have not answered my inquiry (NVCSS, GNRM, YMCA, SC Chemical People and Turtle Bay) but now that the conversation is started, maybe I can add their information to my data bank. The current director of Girls, Inc. said that they have turned down a facial rejuvenation raffle package in the past because of “the message that it sent to their girls.”

I propose every community organization develop written policies that clearly define what raffle items are acceptable or appropriate for their group to offer.  There needs to be a hearty debate about what is a difficult subject: fundraising at any cost. A hunting group certainly could decide that a weapon of some sort is appropriate. An anti-drug abuse council may decide the offer of a donated keg of beer as a fundraiser is not acceptable. A health-improvement council may decide that a spa day is OK for a raffle but a case of cigarettes or Vape shop gift certificate is not.  Having written guidelines seems a necessary step for every group.

Meanwhile, I plan to petition several groups directly to reconsider their previous raffle decisions and go “gun-free.” The message they send to the community, those who donate to them directly and those they serve is important. They need to realize that making money by releasing more weapons into our gun-rich region is not a proper way to fund raise.  Providing a handgun that could then be stolen, used in a felony or accidentally “mis-used” in the winner’s household causing injury or death should not be an option. Helping to facilitate such change would put my mind at ease.

Anita Brady is a lifetime Shasta County resident, and a retired high school biology teacher. She is married, and has two adult daughters who live far away. She is a third-generation union member and describes herself as an unapologetic liberal who remembers the “old days” when Shasta County had a Democratic stronghold. 

While world-travel is among her favorite pastimes, Brady is currently working on finding outlets for her progressive views including protecting women’s reproductive freedoms, promoting equal pay for women, maintaining separation of church and state, and nondiscrimination of American taxpayers based on sex, marital status, race, citizenship documentation or sexual preference.

Source: Offering Guns as Anti-Violence Groups’ Raffle Prizes Sends the Wrong Message


The message we are sending is that you have an AMERICAN right to bear arms and defend yourself. If you don’t like America, there are 195 other countries to live in- find one that doesn’t allow personal freedom and the right to bear arms. I get it, you have the right to voice your opinion, no problem…I enjoy that right too.

You are missing the point of these raffles: TO RAISE MONEY for the cause. Guns are not illegal, they are enjoyed for sport and crucial for self-defense against criminals. Criminals would be those wishing to do you personal harm for their own benefit against your will. Yes, I would gladly support Girls Inc. without a gun raffle but I would also prefer to win a gun too. Win-win, I say.

It is hard to raise money for non-profits, kudos to them for using what works. Shame on you for criticizing from your armchair and not doing the grunt work. Volunteering is a labor of love.


Your Vote is Your Voice


2016 Election Calendar 2016-02-24

May 14 Deadline to register to vote in June 14 Primaries.

Everyone should vote, no matter your political views. Let Your Voice Be Heard!


Pregnant Carjacked fakes complications for survival

The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating an alleged abduction of a pregnant woman in New Orleans by a man who later shot and killed himself inside of a Baton Rouge hospital. New Orleans Police are investigating if the man was also involved in an earlier carjacking of another woman.

New Orleans Police said they believe the man is 29-year-old Garry Saxton. Officials said just after 10:30 p.m. Friday, a woman went to pick-up Saxton in Milneburg to bring him to the airport. That’s when Saxton pulled out a gun on her in an attempted carjacking, according to NOPD. The woman was able to escape to a neighbors’ home in the 2000 block of Vienna St., and police said Saxton left in her car.

Around 6 a.m. Saturday, NOPD said they received a call about an aggravated kidnapping in the 5000 block of Wilton Dr. Detectives believe was the suspect in this kidnapping, which ended in Baton Rouge.

According to Baton Rouge police officials, as they drove to Baton Rouge police said the 28-year-old woman complained of pregnancy issues and convinced  the man to take her to Baton Rouge General Hospital on Bluebonnet Blvd.  The woman was able to tell hospital officials of her abduction and that the man had a gun.  Baton Rouge Police Sgt. Don Coppola said hospital security officers were able to contain the man, handcuff him and found no gun, but the man was able to produce one and shot and killed himself.

Police officials believe he was able to hide a gun in a chair before he was handcuffed. The woman and the baby were not hurt in the incident and praised by police for quick thinking and convincing the man to take her to a hospital. Police have not identified the alleged abductor and have not been able to determine if the two knew each other.

NOPD added that Saxton also goes by the name Gary Zarders.

Baton Rouge General Hospital released a statement Saturday afternoon, saying:

“The safety of our patients, their families and visitors, is our highest priority. We are proud of our extraordinary team for their swift action in a dangerous situation.”

(© 2016 WWL)

A smart woman using her resources. Are you prepared for a carjacking incident? What is in your personal protection toolbox?


Be a Legend


Calamity Jane was a woman of the Wild West renowned for her sharp-shooting, whiskey swilling, and cross-dressing ways – but also for her kindness towards others.

In 1875, Calamity Jane traveled with an U.S. Army troop into the Black Hills of South Dakota and soon drifted to the lawless town of Deadwood. At this point the legends surrounding her life become abundant and the facts harder to find. She is said to have had numerous affairs with some of the most notorious desperados of the time. One such story was her relationship with Western legend Wild Bill Hickok, whom she probably did meet in Deadwood. Their alleged dalliance launched her name into the annals of Western folklore. Even Jane herself, in her autobiography, spun a wild tale of capturing Jack McCall, after he murdered Wild Bill. Nearly all historians discount any intimate relationship between the two and Deadwood’s own newspaper accounts report that McCall was captured by town’s people soon after he killed Hickok.

Calamity Jane was also known for her softer side. In her autobiography, she takes credit for rescuing a runaway stagecoach fleeing from a Cheyenne Indian war party by bravely driving the coach to Deadwood with six passengers and a wounded driver. There are also accounts from several sources of her helping nurse patients during a smallpox epidemic in Deadwood. The accounts have several versions and documentation of her role in the events is suspect, but the stories are plausible because the events did occur.

Calamity Jane’s private life is even more fabled. In addition to her alleged relationship to Hickok, there were saucy tales, creatively recorded by Western dime novel authors, of wild sex, a child born, and even marriage to Hickok. There are numerous stories, with varying levels of credibility, that Jane was a wife and mother one time. Around 1885, she supposedly married a man named Burke (Edward or Clinton) and gave birth to a daughter in 1887. There are numerous accounts of her seen with a young girl in several small towns throughout the West in the 1880s and 1890s, but no marriage license or birth certificate exists. In 1941, a woman claimed to be Calamity Jane’s and Wild Bill Hickok’s daughter, but was later proved to be a fraud.


She made herself into a legend, sadly an alcoholic but none the less, a woman standing against the norms of her time with dignity and finesse. A reminder, you dictate your own life. The only thing stopping you is you. Be A LEGEND!


Back renewed campus-carry efforts – Sun Sentinel — SlowFacts

My friend Shayna Lopz-Rivas had this article posted in the Palm Beach Sun-Sentinal. Well done, Shayna. “For those of you who don’t know me, I am the on-campus rape survivor from FSU who supports the campus carry bill. Unfortunately, both Senators Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and Andy Gardiner took part in killing the bill […]

via Back renewed campus-carry efforts – Sun Sentinel — SlowFacts


Get on the Bus! Stop Gun Violence trip to Charleston SC Sunday


CHARLESTON, SC– Hundreds of families devastated by gun violence, from Greenville to Myrtle Beach, will unite at Emanuel AME Church on Sunday April 24th to pray and demand lawmakers close loopholes in background checks for gun purchases.

The event’s organizers want to express outrage that the General Assembly has failed to act on any of the roughly 50 gun-related bills before them, even in the wake of the horrific massacre in June that left nine worshippers at Emanuel AME dead.

Greenville based organization Freedom Fighters Upstate SC will travel to Charleston from Greenville Sunday morning April 24th at 10:30am transporting 60 passengers free of charge via luxury coach.

Freedom Fighters group will depart from McAlister Square parking lot. The Greenville trip was arranged by group organizer Traci Fant and Melody Gaddis McFadden. If you would like more information about the bus trip please contact Traci Fant @ 864-325-3592

This event and travel is sponsored by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the South Carolina Minority Affairs Commission.

Source: Get on the Bus! Stop Gun Violence trip to Charleston SC Sunday


Free of charge on a luxury coach…a trip to Charleston. What are they doing IN THEIR COMMUNITIES to stop violence and crime? These feel good organizations need to DO more than express outrage and ride in a luxury coach across the state. Hell, I will ride a luxury coach anywhere—I’m outraged at the politicizing-attention-grabbing groups willing to further their agenda through a horrific tragedy. The Brady Campaign is ramping up with their we make common sense approach, education is needed NOW.

If you are not a member of the NRA or any other group that protects the 2nd Amendment, it is time to join and be a voice. Tell your representatives that as their constituent your views. Implore them to vote as your representative. Do not allow sensationalized groups to dictate legislation! We must stop this gun-grabbing effort.


Gun owner who ended manhunt: ‘I told him to get down’

pA Gaston man says his Second Amendment right helped land two men behind bars./p

Source: Gun owner who ended manhunt: ‘I told him to get down’